China’s Men’s Doubles Has No Representative in the 2022 Badminton World Championship, Indonesia’s Coach Brings

Liu Yuchen / Ou Xuanyi are the best Chinese men’s doubles pair at the moment.

China has certainly not sent its representatives in the men’s doubles sector at the 2022 Badminton World Championships. According to the Chinese men’s doubles coach, Chen Qiqiu, his men are not worthy to appear in the prestigious tournament after being beaten by Indonesian representatives.

Chen Qiqiu did mention that there is no Chinese men’s doubles pair that is ready to appear in the 2022 Badminton World Championships. Considering the tournament which will be held in Tokyo, Japan, it will take place on August 22-28, 2022.
This is inseparable from the massive overhaul that occurred in the Chinese men’s doubles body. Since leaving China’s men’s doubles coaching chair in 2019, until finally returning in early 2022, Chen Qiqiu has indeed changed a lot of players in this sector.

Previously, China had five men’s doubles pairs, namely He Ji Ting/Tan Qiang, Liu Cheng/Huang Kaixiang, Liu Cheng/Zhang Nan, and Ou Xuan Yi/Zhang Nan, and Di Zijian/Wang Chang. sent because Chen Qiqiu changed his playing partners a lot.

So, now the Chinese men’s doubles that are often fielded are Liu Yu Chen/Ou Xuan Yi, Liang Wei Keng/Wang Chang, He Ji Ting/Zhou Hao Dong, and Ren Xian Yu/Tan Qiang. Interestingly, from the journey in the first half of 2022, China’s men’s doubles fell 14 times, of which 10 of them came against the Indonesian pair.

Chen Qiqiu also admitted that China’s men’s doubles currently lost to Indonesia. This was also said to be one of the reasons why the Chinese men’s doubles he had just formed failed to shine in the first half of 2022.

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