The First Premier League Top Scorer from Asia, Son Heung-min Is Special!

Son’s achievement was even more special because none of his goals came from penalty kicks, while Salah scored five penalties. (Nigel French/PA via AP)

Tottenham Hotspur winger, Son Heung-min, is one of the best in the Premier League 2021/2022. He became the Premier League’s top scorer with Mohamed Salah, which became a special score for him who is a player from Asia.

Tottenham Hotspur managed to finish in the top four to return to the Champions League next season. This score is quite slick for Antonio Conte who has just arrived in the middle of the season.

Interestingly, Tottenham had difficulty reaching the level of play that Antonio Conte wanted. They even had time to stumble in the middle of the board.

Luckily, in those difficult times, there are still players like Son Heung-min who can make the difference. In fact, this season Son Heung-min deserves to be called the Spurs’ best player.

Son Heung-min closed the 2021/2022 Premier League with 23 goals in the Premier League. The South Korean player was joint top scorer with Mohamed Salah, both scoring 23 goals.

Interestingly, Son Heung-min is the first Asian player to make his name at the top of the Premier League’s top scorer list. This is a strong proof of how good Son Heung-min’s performance has been this season.

Even Son’s performance also stole the attention of Premier League analyst Gary Neville. According to the former Manchester United (MU) right-back, Son Heung-min deserves to be called the best player this season.

“I chose Son as my version of Player of the Season. It is easy to choose Kevin de Bruyne or Mohamed Salah. But, I will choose them on another occasion,” said Gary Neville on Sky Sports.

According to Gary Neville, Son Heung-min’s hard work at Spurs is special. He’s a player who doesn’t get much attention, doesn’t always show up, but always helps the team with his contribution.

A player at Son Heung-min’s level should steal the attention of the world’s top clubs. It is not impossible, he will leave Spurs to join a top team this summer.

“He’s a special player. His performance was overshadowed by other players, even by Harry Kane. However, this is all the hard work of him, Tottenham and Antonio Conte,” continued Neville.

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